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Rhythmic gymnastics leotard
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"Hi, Thank you for working with us on this beautiful custom "Amanda" leotard. Sara has really enjoyed"

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Gymnastics Leotards

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard is an important and basic item in rhythmic gymnastics. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that rhythmic gymnastics leotard for performance and training gymnastics costume are widely different. They are even required quite different things.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for performance should be bright, attractive and help to create the stage image.

In-stock rhythmic gymnastics leotards for performance are a great decision for those who can’t wait! If you must perform very soon, take all the necessary measurements and send them to us, we will offer you suitable rhythmic leotard.

Rhythmic gymnastics Leotards for performance

When you come into the carpet, everything is important. But the most important thing is your rhythmic gymnastics leotard being the center of judges’ and viewers’ attention.

Competition gymnasts are lucky as International Gymnatics Federation doesn’t limit them in rhythmic gymnastics costume style. Any color decisions, any decoration and its quantity, any cuts are possible. There are limitations concerning only moral views:

  • Decollete end point of the rhythmic gymnastics leotard is at the middle of the breastbone (the lower part of the body should be closed by under rhythmic gymnastics leotard or stretch lycra fabrics).
  • Rhythmic gymnastics suit sleeve can be of any length. Under leotards for rhythmic gymnastics should be with straps (though any variations are possible).
  • Cut of competition gymnastics leotard along the bikini part shouldn’t be higher than inguinal fold.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics suit should fit tightly but not hamper the movements of a gymnast.
  • That’s all for the general rhythmic gymnastics leotards recommendations.

Fashion also influences on rhythmic gymnastics competition leotards. This fashion is cyclic like in any other spectacular kinds of sport. With stable regularity gymnasts appear on the carpet in classical rhythmic gymnastics leotards, in rhythmic gymnastics suits with a small skirt of mesh or big skirt of the main fabric.

It goes without saying that rhythmic gymnastics costume should suit the gymnast’s appearance, temper and music. You should pay special attention to the rhythmic gymnastics leotard’s decoration.

Remember that pattern of the gymnastics bodysuits looks differently from a far and close. Crystals is the advantageous variant, though they are not cheap. Thank to crystals gymnastics uniform looks brightly and respectable. It’s good that there are no any limitations in rhythmic gymnastics leotards designs. Even pretty little gymnasts can boast about their shiny cheap rhythmic gymnastics leotards sparkling with crystals.

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Valid from January 01, 2015

This year several rhythmic gymnasts decided to stop their career, most of them due to medical reasons.

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